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One of the most important functions of state government is to educate the next generation to be productive members of society and to do so without regard to race, age, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, veteran status, disability or station in life.

  • Early Childhood: The best way to ensure our children succeed is to provide an age appropriate early childhood program with subsidies for families below 200% FPL.

  • We must pay teachers at or above the national average, reduce class size, help local districts increase capacity and provide broadband access to students in rural NC.

  • I support training-to-jobs and transfer to BA progams for students in our community colleges, academic freedom on all UNC campuses and building on the research and academic excellence at the UNC-Chapel Hill campus.


    I believe healthcare is a right, not a privilege, and we need to ensure access to affordable health care for all North Carolinians.

  • Expand Medicaid to cover 600,000 North Carolinians, save our rural hospitals, add 40,000 new jobs over a decade and bring $30 billon in Federal tax dollars back to the state.

  • Exand telehealth, especially in the rural parts of the state to increase access to timely heath care and reduce costs.

  • I support factually accurate, age appropriate health programs in our schools, reproductive freedom for women, access to family planning and affordable birth control.

    The Economy

    Our state needs an economy that works for everyone, including jobs that pay a living wage and the promise of security in retirement.

  • I support the use of targeted tax incentives to attract new business in exchange for the promise of new jobs, union organization to increase the influence workers have over working conditions and fair pay, and programs to train talented unemployed and underemployed workers for higher skill, higher paying jobs.

  • Restoring the Earned Income Tax Credit and raising the minimum wage would give working people more money to spend in their communities.

    The Environment

    Our environment sustains us. We must protect our land, air, and water from the mountains to the coast and promote healthy ecosystems across our state.

  • The state has a duty to ensure everyone has access to safe drinking water.

  • Climate change is real; I support moving more quickly to sustainable forms of energy.

  • I suppport strengthen laws against dumping toxic waste.

    Free and Fair Elections

    Free and fair elections are the foundation of our democracy.

  • An independent redistricing commission with regular evaluations and updates to reduce any intended or unintended gerrymandring would restore voters confidence in elections.

  • I support on-line or automatic voter registraion, convenient early voting hours and locations or making Election Day a state holiday.

  • I oppose requiring voters to show a photo ID at the polls.

    Inclusion and diversity

    North Carolina has a rich heritage and a diverse range of cultural practices that we should celebrate and work to preserve. We are committed to an efficient system of social and civil justice. Our criminal justice system is in need of reform. Regardless of what you look like, who you love, or where you live, we support you and your family’s right to be who you are.


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