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February 8, 2017

On December 17, 2016, during the fourth special session of the 2015-16 General Assembly, Republicans, on a purely partisan vote in both chambers passed H17. One provision in that bill stated:

For each head of each principal State department covered by this subsection, the Governor shall notify the President of the Senate of the name of each person to be appointed, and the appointment shall be subject to senatorial advice and consent in conformance with Section 5(8) of Article III of the North Carolina Constitution unless (i) the senatorial advice and consent is expressly waived by an enactment of the General Assembly or (ii) a vacancy occurs when the General Assembly is not in regular session.

Governor Roy Cooper sued in response saying the NC constitution does not require Senate confirmation of Department heads; Republicanís set a date for the hearing, Governor Cooper sued to stop the hearings until the three judge panel had decided the case.

Yesterday the three judge panel ordered the Senate NOT to start confirmation hearings for Governor Cooperís Cabinet. Remember the six weeks of hearings were supposed to start today with Secretary Larry Hall. Senator Berger and Speaker Moore responded with a particularly harsh statement against the bipartisan three judge panel.

As always, thank you for your support of my work in Raleigh as your representative. Please let me know of your position on issues, your suggestions for legislation and your requests for help.

Verla Insko

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